A win-win label


Muxia helps micro-businesses and SMEs get the UN Climate Neutral Now label to help them fight global warming and value their work with their customers and partners.

The label “Climate Neutral Now” is a label certifying that the company:

  • Compensated for all or part of the CO2 emissions associated with its activities by financing emission reduction projects
  • Contributed to the fight against climate change on a voluntary basis

The UN agency in charge of the fight against global warming proposes to highlight on its website the companies labeled “Climate Neutral Now” and also to give them the opportunity to use the logo of the initiative for their communication. The “Climate Neutral Now” logo affixed to the communication media of the labeled companies enhances their image and gives them a real argument differentiating from their customers or from their competitors on a call for tenders.

Muxia’s role in the obtention of the label:

  • calculate the carbon footprint of the company’s activities
  • offset CO2 emissions by financing a UN-accredited project that reduces emissions
  • write the documentation and follow the process with the UN so that the company gets the label.

The choice of projects to offset CO2 emissions is among those certified by the UN, whose mechanism is particularly genuine.