A label that creates value for the Climate … and the company

Muxia supports companies wishing to differentiate themselves by acting on their carbon footprint by obtaining the “Climate Neutral Now” label from the United Nations.

Recognition by the United Nations of their contribution to a carbon neutral world makes it possible to enhance their action with their customers and partners.

The UN label “climate neutral now” certifies that the company:

  • Has had the carbon footprint linked to its activities estimated with recognized methodologies
  • Has implemented measures to reduce its emissions
  • Has offset all or part of the CO2 emissions linked to its activities by funding emission reduction projects certified by the UN

The UN agency in charge of the fight against global warming highlights on its website the companies labeled “Climate Neutral Now”, gives them the right to use the logo “Climate Neutral Now” for their communication and supports them through the dissemination of messages via social networks and its website.

Whether it is the end consumer, partner companies or public donors, more and more players are demanding to work with virtuous companies. Companies that have already understood this have a clear competitive advantage over their competitors because they can communicate about their actions and demonstrate their commitment.

Muxia is a privileged partner of the “Climate Neutral Now” initiative and has supported all the French companies that have obtained the label. Muxia estimates CO2 emissions, supports the company in implementing emission reduction actions before advising and guiding it on offsetting its emissions through projects with high climate impact certified by the UN.