Where does Muxia come from?

According to the saying of this small coastal town in North West Spain, “Everything is reborn in Muxia”!

Muxia stands for exceeding your limits and daring to go beyond.

The founder

Guilhem started his career at Arkema in Shanghai in 2005, setting up one of the first industrial projects to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This project was funded through the United Nations Clean Development Mechanism (CDM). He continued at Orbeo (JV Societe Generale / Rhodia) developing innovative projects with a strong impact on greenhouse gas emissions, mainly in China and Africa.

He then joined the headquarters of the United Nations agency in charge of the fight against climate change (UNFCCC) in Bonn. In this context he was in charge of the partnership with the West African Development Bank to promote projects to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in Africa. He returned to France in 2014 to head ENEA Consulting’s Energy Access Africa department and eventually set up his own consultancy firm, Muxia, in January 2017.

Graduate of the School of Chemical Engineering of Lyon, he completed his training at McGill University (Montreal) in Chemical Engineering and Political Science. He also holds a Master’s degree in international industrial project management.

Muxia’s activities

Muxia supports micro-businesses and SMEs to obtain the UN Climate Neutral Now label, which values their action against global warming.

Muxia also conducts climate advisory missions to private companies and international institutions, in particular for the UN Green Climate Fund and the Berlin Renewable Energy Academy. Support was provided to public and private sector in Africa, Asia and in the Pacific continent.

Finally, with many years of experience in the development of energy access projects in Africa, Muxia supports micro-businesses / SMEs in their development on the African continent.